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Entering to the Educational system (NEPTUN) is available here: 



Entering how to access the Educational System (NEPTUN), see the following help:

                                                Information for students about the NEPTUN system

                                                                                 LOG IN

For the first time you need to write the followings to log in: Neptun code to the ,,Identifier" field and the Birth date with Ne characters (NeYYYYMMDD) to the ,,Password" field (Y year, M month, D day)

In the case of transfer to the University bank account it is compulsory to indicate into the announcement section the Neptun code (in NK-Neptun code format) and the student's name.(for example: NK-AB1234 John Smith)

Account number: 10035003-00336121-01120008
Account number with IBAN code: HU95 10035003-00336121-01120008
• for EU citizens in EUR: HUSTHUHB
• for non-European citizens in other foreign currency: MANEHUHB

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