Freshers’ Night at the Gyöngyös Károly Róbert Campus

Utolsó módosítás: 2018. december 11.

Freshers’ Night took place on 27th November 2018 organized by the Students’ Council of the Campus.

The Students' Council of the Gyöngyös Károly Róbert Campus organized a high-quality event where 150 people participated. Students, tutors and some colleagues of the institution saw the welcome speech of Benjamin Breznyik, President of the Students' Council and Zoltán Bujdosó, Vice-Rector for Campus Affairs. They welcomed the students, guests and especially the Freshers.

The welcome speech was followed by some songs of Narathip Nala and Sang Vsd. Led by Ádám Fischer and Dóra Lénárt, Hungarian and international students took the Freshers' Oath.

Four years ago, a special challenge prize was introduced by the Students' Council of the Gyöngyös Károly Róbert Campus which is given away to the best tutor. This is chosen by the students of the campus. This time, Dr. István Réthy was awarded this honour.
Animal Cannibals had the main performance at the event while our student, Martin Martinkovics (Martin Glare) played some popular music.

Photo and video: Bence Balla


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