International students visited wine cellars in Farkasmály

Utolsó módosítás: 2018. november 19.

Within the framework of the Wine Culture course, our international students visited wine cellars in Farkasmály where they were welcomed by Borhotel Sziluett.

The history of wine cellars in Farkasmály dates back to many centuries. The first cellars were excavated by French war prisoners in the 1700s from the rock of Sárhegy andesite tuff (lava and ash). Originally, the cellars were closed rows and all 26 cellars had wine-press houses.
Within the framework of a professional presentation, the Mátra wine region was introduced by our host. He spoke about the heated, odorous feature of wines in the region. Our international students really liked these tastes.
All credit to Imre Nagy Jr. the son of the owner, who invited the students to a romantic wine tasting in Central and East Europe's biggest cellar system which is excavated into a fossilised volcanic ash.

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