Researchers’ Night at the Gyöngyös Campus

Utolsó módosítás: 2018. október 02.

Almost 1,000 participants visited the Researchers’ Night at the Gyöngyös Károly Róbert Campus on 28th September.

As every year, the annual countrywide programme series was very popular among the residents of Gyöngyös and its neighbourhood but many Eszterházy students attended the programmes as well. In the series, almost 80 presentations, shows and special programmes took place at the lobby, in the halls and on the "K" floor the University. Hungarian and English presenters introduced the main scientific fields of the Gyöngyös Károly Róbert Campus. The event was opened by Dr. Zoltán Bujdosó, Vice-Rector for Campus Affairs.

A packed "T" lecture hall saw the presentation of György Szabó, "The Bükk Grassman" who is always the first presenter at the Researchers' Night. His presentation was followed by an advice session which was one of the most popular elements in the programme series.

During the spectacular evening, departments, research centres and voluntary communities of the University also introduced their work.
Several scientific, educational and entertaining programmes attracted the attention of the public: mineral and robot show, spectacular chemical experiments, wine tasting, chocolate test, star-spotting, archery, kids' programmes, handicrafts' street and some Young Researchers also introduced their scientific fields.


This was the first time when international students participated in the event as presenters: they introduced their country and their culture.

For art lovers, the Ká-Ró Drama Group performed a spectacular scene. Somewhat unconventionally, international students sang some songs as well: Lauren from Angola, Nala, Nadin and Sang from Laos, Omar from Jordan, Liza from Russia and Nikolett Nagy from Hungary had a lovely performance. Other scenes of Ká-Ró can be found here.

At the lobby of the University, visitors could gain insight into student life, admission procedures and language examinations. Plants of the Erdőtelek Arboretum and the core seed collection of the Rudolf Fleischmann Research Centre were also on display. Students could get acquainted with a special particle card game and they could even play with Gömböc. Participants could also visit Mónika Hinz's exhibition called "Around the World" in the library. More information about the exhibition can be found here.

We look forward to seeing you in the next Researchers' Night!
Photos of the event can found on the Facebook page of Gyöngyös Károly Róbert Campus!

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