Wine Club in Gyöngyös

Utolsó módosítás: 2018. november 12.

At the Gyöngyös Károly Róbert Campus, Ádám Hegyi, Head of Eszterházy Winery introduced the most famous wines of the Eger Wine Region. Our international students could also get acquainted with the delicious nectar of our Universit

There was a friendly atmosphere in the wine tasting which contained 5 sessions of wine specialties. Our Syrian student, Waseem Al Khoury said that Ádám Hegyi shared a lot of interesting information with the audience and it was the best programme since he's been at the campus.

Our Russian student Daria Borodina said the following: Hungary is widely famous around in the World for its wine and our university is not any exception - Eszterházy Károly University has its own wine mark. From the ancient time people in Hungary have produced wine, improved technology step by step and kept traditions for better quality. From Gyöngyös and Eger, International and Hungarian students got a really good opportunity to taste and enjoy different types of red and white wine which was produced by university, in friendly and relaxed atmosphere with interesting lecture.

Every wine has specific savor, flavor, melody and after taste which can be suitable with different meals, events or simple evenings. Wine features depend on climate, temperature level, soil conditions and a lot of other factors. For example alcohol percent in wine connects with duration of hot weather, according to Global warming – wine has higher alcohol percent. Eszterházy Károly University makes wine process from growing the grapes and treatment in Eger vineyard to the final product – wine, when an organization manages the whole process from the beginning till the end, it can give guaranty of really high quality of the product, that the best grapes are used for its production.

Wine tasting is a pretty good event which can bring international and domestic students together, make acquaintance with wine culture tasting and know more about university activities.

Photo: Tibor Balogh

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