Wine Culture and Wine Gastronomy: An

Utolsó módosítás: 2017. augusztus 29.

Students from the Beijing Union University participated in a three-week summer university which was a successful and intensive English language programme for the visitors.

Beijing Union University and Eszterházy Károly University have had a long and prosperous partnership as this was the third summer university taking place in Eger. Fourteen students came from China to get acquainted with the peculiar wine culture and wine gastronomy which is unique all over the country. On the three University campuses (Eger, Sárospatak, Gyöngyös), delegation members could have a better understanding of the Eger, Tokaj and Mátra wine regions and they could also gain some insight into the national wine production. In addition to wine culture, students were also able to improve their English proficiency during special English courses as the main purpose of the summer university was to offer the students several opportunities to practice the English language.

"An amazing summer camp is Hungary"

During the closing ceremony of the Summer University, the students presented a slideshow on their experiences: they emphasized that Hungary has wonderful museums and they were never bored during their visit. They noted that people around them were incredibly helpful and this was the most important thing for the visitors. Teachers and tutors were outstanding and they learnt several new things about culture and wine as well. They will never forget those moments which centred around cooking, cheese-making, nature, or media since they visited some studios of the Líceum TV as well. Last but not least, kindness and Hungarian's way of life were very fascinating for them. At the end of their slideshow, they thanked the organizers for their hospitality and they are looking forward to having the Hungarians in Beijing.

The Summer University was closed by Zoltán Bujdosó, the vice-rector for campus affairs, who noted: the most crucial moment of the three-week programme was when students could get acquainted with the Eger, Tokaj and Mátra wine regions. He added that the door of Europe and Hungary will always be open for the students to continue their studies. At the end of the closing ceremony, the students were given a certificate on the Gyöngyös campus.

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