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Utolsó módosítás: 2019. november 05.

Eszterházy Károly University pays particular attention to help talented students to take their first step in the field of science as well as tutors and researchers to support their scientific work. In conjunction with the researches at EKE and in national and international partner institutions, this journal functions as a forum for publishing the results of tutors and researchers. In addition to publishing, it is of paramount importance to make students get acquainted with the procedure of scientific process. Furthermore, a special college is also a useful institution for students to listen to external lecturers and experts. This way, students can deepen their knowledge in particular fields of science. This cooperation enables us to be familiar with scientific life. Students can regularly attend scientific conferences or workshops and they can even gain insight into the organising process. There are several nurturing talents centres which help enthusiastic students join the institutional change of research-development-innovation. Research fields at EKE include social, agrarian, technical and multidisciplinary sciences. In addition to the abovementioned aspects, the following fields are also paramount for us: local economic development, enterprise development, economic network management, products of agricultural economy, the challenges of green economy (natural resources, sustainable economy, eco marketing, employment and labour), e-learning based education development supported with elements of artificial intelligence. In order to examine and utilize the region's natural resource potential, the following processes are also vital: the development of the applications of environmental informatics and the microbiological conditioning of biogas resources; the research on nutrient supply and plant protection; precision farming and hydroculture (growing plants without soil). Within the framework of application NTP-OKA-XXII-066 called „The promotion of Higher Education Nurturing Talent Workshops and Scientific Student Activities" launched by the Nurturing Talent Sub-Board of the Foundation for Education, the Scientific Board and Scientific Student Committee introduced the Acta Carouls Robertus Journal, where the mentioned aims can be fulfilled.


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